Loro Ciuffena- Italy

On our way from Arezzo, we decided to stop by a small beautiful town called Loro Ciuffena. This small hidden gem is rated one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.“Uno dei borghi più belli d’Italia”- Rightly so. IMG-20131106-WA0011

The name itself  tells about this towns  Etruscan origins. In the middle-age Loro was a fortified village at the junction of two rivers bridged at two points, which led to two gates in the village walls. There was once a castle in Loro, which is mentioned in documents as far back as 1065. The old town still retains a lot of its original character. The town is quite small and you can pretty much visit all the tourist spots in a day.

IMG-20131106-WA0012 IMG-20131106-WA0009


Water powered mill from the 1200  that has was until most recently been  producing chestnut flour and other flours.


Planning your trip make sure to visit  museum in Palazzo Ventura, dedicated to the local artist Venturino Venturi

This ancient town is also famous for wrought iron works.

Places to eat : There is a pizzeria right opposite the old mill where we sat and watched the locals go about their business as the sun set. However if you would like to enjoy the typical tuscan cooking you can head over to Osteria New Conte Max at Piazza Nannini 3.

As we left that evening we were truly glad we had  stopped by this town..really glad.


4 thoughts on “Loro Ciuffena- Italy

    • It is hard to go wrong nomatter where you choose to visit, be it a small town like Loro Ciuffena or Florence, Rome,Capri …or the beautiful Sardinia islands you will have a memorable experience .

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