Its was the second day of our trip and we decided to check with the concierge about places that we could visit. We wanted to go to a place that was close enough for us to drive to and fro and also have time to explore. The lady was really helpful and out of all the suggestions we chose to visit Il Borro.

Our GPS indicated that it was a 40 minutes drive so given that we set off by midday we felt we had sufficient time to tour the estates.

The Il Borro estates are a Tuscan luxury  project  under the ownership of the late Salvatore Ferragamo family.This medievial town turned into a resort complete with winery, spa,pool,horses riding area   is nestled in the mountains overlooking a beautiful valley. The project complete with vineyard and wine producing  also organises tours and wine tasting.

The estate covers a large area and we were only able to tour the medievial village.They have villas and farmhouses that you can rent. This is the kind of place where you can easily see deer as you drive up to your villa.

For a taste of luxury meets country head to Il Borro : magical by day and by night.


DSC_3020DSC_3037IMG-20131106-WA0037 IMG-20131106-WA0040


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