Baby Steps, Giant Leaps

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Imagine that one thing that  scares you out of your mind….yes the one that  terrifies you just thinking about it, imagine waking up one morning and doing it. Well i have always told my husband how i would really love to bungee jump and skydive and recently a few weeks back an opportunity presented itself for me to bungee jump while we attended a festival in Lucca. Everyone watched and gazed as this one gentleman had a cord strapped around his ankles  and jumped down from 100 feet or so . Suddenly  seeing how  he was thhrown off the edge , i felt my stomach churn , i couldnt do it for the life of me.

Thinking back on that day,  i realise how many  times in life we want to or have the desire to do certain things but keep putting them off for tomorrow , next week…..and finally never. It might be getting that university degree , learning a new language, or something as simple as cleaning out that really disorganised kitchen cabinet. There is always an excuse for not starting . It’s safer  and easier to  do what you know , what you have always done or what you are comfortable doing.

Am guessing at one point or the other we all have that thing that keeps nudging at our hearts for months or even years but for some reason we dont have the confidence to do it. And sometimes we get so close to starting and as we walk to the edge to jump we think of all the things that could go wrong… I  always tell myself that i need to try and know for sure that i did my best other than never knowing ..and  having an if hanging over my shoulders.

I am the kind of person who always wants to start only when am sure  and i know how, when, and have answers to any doubts. But isn’t life so much more interesting if we believe enough in ourselves to take leaps of faith and just do it. I am not telling us to be careless but sometimes in order to progress we need to move out of  our comfort zone……quit procrastinating and get on with it. Move on from thinking and imagining to actually doing , for me this starts with  getting a piece of paper and  writing down , setting a date or even telling my husband about what it is that i want to do which in a way makes me accountable.

I will not be bungee jumping anytime soon but am definately ticking some things off my list.

You might not have all you need right now in this moment, but start with what you have and take it one step at a time.

What has been keeping you from taking that leap ? What baby steps are you taking today?


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