Crystal Glass Nail File: What took me so long..


 I  have always used an emery board but i recently bought a glass file and thought i would share with you guys why i love it so much.There are different opinions on how important it is to use a glass file but i would like to say that after using it for just a few weeks i have noticed that my nails have improved alot. I did abit of research and found out that it is important to look at the grit level when purchasing a nail file.A file’s surface is called its “grit”, which tells us how fine or coarse the file is and thus how rough it will be on your nails. The smaller the number, the rougher the file will be, and vice versa. The higher the grit number the finer the surface of the nail file.


The crystal/glass type of file simply has a higher grit level than most emery boards and therefore it’s easier on your natural nails.  It is permanently etched and hence does not easily wear out. It may seem expensive initially  as comapred to the price of an emery board but if looked after well the glass file can last you years hence cost effective in the long run. Given the  delicate nature of a glass file it  needs to be stored properly to avoid cracking or breaking.

To clean the file run it under some water . It can also be  cleaned with an antiseptic solution of rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.sanitized and disinfected.

I bought mine from Kiko make up Milano  but  you can buy one from sephora,Amazon,Ebay .Prices are from 3.99 euros for a small one to about 40 euros for a decorated set of three

Do you have an emery board or a glass file? Which do you prefer?


14 thoughts on “Crystal Glass Nail File: What took me so long..

  1. I just switched to a glass file and I won’t go back to an emery now. My glass file is easier to handle and produces much nicer results whilst being so much easier on my nails. Everyone should give glass a go 🙂

      • Agreed. I think they are such a bargain as well because as long as you don’t drop them they should last a very long time whereas I go through emery boards way too fast

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