Homemade Gift: DIY Lavender Sachets


Still in the spirit of DIY and christmas gift ideas, i made these really easy lavender bags.

Things you will need:

  • Material of your choice. I chose this pretty polka dot material that i cut from a blouse i never wear.
  • Some lace to decorate your bags.
  • Some dry lavender.
  • Thread and needle.
  • Scissors.
  • Using a sewing machine for these was great however you can also hand sew them.

There are so many tutorials online with step by step instructions. I found this helpful.

To begin cut out your material to the shape that you want your bags to be. I made small squares and a long rectangle. I honestly didnt measure these out , kind of just estimated and cut out.

Fold the fabric in half inside out and secure with pins

Sew a seam around only 3 sides leaving one side open .  Turn right side out.

Fold open seams inward and machine or hand sew shut. Position lace where you want it to be and hand sew.




Would you try these at home? If you do make these or any other DIY projects share pictures with us on instagram #momintsdiy. Would love to see what you come up with.

Happy Crafting.


Looking Forward To….

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Over the weekend we attended a friend’s birthday party with my husband , it was a good chance for us to catch up with some friends that we hadn’t seen in a while. We also visited  family  and enjoyed an  Italian meal of homemade Picci (Homemade rolled Italian pasta) with ragu. Its eight days to Christmas ….I am almost done with my christmas exchange gifts and  super excited about our upcoming  trip to Spain. Looking forward to sharing photos when we get back.  Here are a some interesting things i came across around the net, thought i would share with you.

Very adorable Christmas greetings from this family.

This heartwarming gesture from Airline to Passengers.

Cute boy struggling to get hug. Here 

Movie treat: Hunger Games Catching Fire.

For the foodies : Baked Sweet Potato Sticks

Did you know that Frozen smoke is  the best insulator in existence.

Food for thought.

How did you spend your weekend ? What are you looking forward to..?

Big hug from me.


Christmas Playlist


Christmas is around the corner and i can’t help but share with you guys my selection of wintery songs.

Folk Angel-Angels we have heard  on High

Rascal Flatts-I’ll be home for Christmas

Diana Krall -Let it Snow

Brooke Fraser – Angels We have heard on high

Michel Bublè-Santa Claus is Coming To Town

Jason Mraz-Winter Wonderland

Burl Ives-Holly Jolly Christmas

 Michael Buble – I’ll Be Home For Christmas.

Hillsong- Born Is The King (Its Christmas)

Martina McBride – Silver Bells

Micheal W.Smith- Christmas Day

Clara Chung – It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.

Josh Groban-Noel ( Full Album)

Do you have some favourites on this list.  When do you start listening to Christmas music ?

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Are you dreading Christmas?


Christmas season is definately a time of happiness, a season to be celebrated and enjoyed. When i think about  Christmas i love remembering what it felt like as a child , having amazing lunch with my parents and brothers and sitting at the table for hours chatting and laughing, putting up the christmas tree and the sound of christmas songs on christmas morning as we got ready for church.

Last week i spoke to a dear friend of mine who shared with me her dread and dislike of the holidays. She felt like this season comes along with so much stress and expectations. And refelecting on our conversation  i realise that as so many celebrate the holidays many cant wait for them to end.

Why is it that this season that is meant to be filled with joy, peace, happiness instead brings feelings of sadness and loneliness for others?

May be you lost loved one around the festive season and from that time on christmas and all other holidays make you sad and depressed. Maybe you are a single parent, divorced with kids and as much as you are doing your best for your children, you still feel that holidays will never be the same.Maybe you are dreading buying gifts or you hate receiving gifts !! May be you are dreading  the big family gatherings with relatives that you haven’t spoken to for the past year.

There are so many reasons why this season carries feelings of dread for alot of people. All the planning and organising  towards christmas ,buying and wrapping gifts does get overwhelming. And at the end of it all you just want the new  year to be here already. How do you address dreading the holidays? This year  lets refocus our approach to Christmas. Here are a few pointers that i shared with my friend hopefully these will help bring back the christmas joy and spirit back for you ;Lets get back to the basics..to the simple things.

Let us create time for family experiences. Christmas is not just about getting and giving gifts. Do not go in debt just so you can get a gift for everyone on your long gift lift. How about making or creating a thoughtful gift instead of buying one. That will take some pressure off . A secret Santa exchange is also another fun way to avoid spending so much on gifts. Instead of everyone giving a gift to everyone, simply draw names  and have each person give a single gift to another person. Read here for another frugal gift exchange idea.

Acknowledge anyone that is missing maybe through sharing a story or you can decide as a family before hand how you would like to do it.Maybe making an ornament in their honor and putting it  in the christmas tree.Yes there will be some sadness but the richness of loving memories will bring some warmth into christmas.

Make a donation to a charity or do something for the less fortunate around you.Let this season be an opportunity for you to engage in loving kindness and generosity to others around you.Many people in our communities are suffering with no food, no job,no shelter and the holidays magnify these bad situtations. Look out for these people and offer a helping hand.

Gratitude. Count your blessings and think about the things that you do have other than what you dont have. Yes you might have had the worst year ever but you are still alive , you are healthy,that is reason enough for you to be grateful. Gratitude is reminder that one can always fins areason to be happy.

Do what makes you happy. Break free from all the expectations that people might have of you or that you might have of yourself during this season. You don’t have to decorate with red and green if you dont want  to, or feel pressured to put  up a christmas tree  at the end of the day do what pleases you and what makes you happy. Celebrate this holiday in your own way.

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November favourites.


There have been quite a few products/items that i have enjoyed using this month. My absolute favourite is my Prada Candy perfume. My husband gave me this perfume as a gift and i  I love love the cosy notes of vanilla and caramel that it has.  To be honest it’s staying power/longevity is quite low so you might need to reapply during the day. Overall it   smells gorgoeus and has a sophisticated feel .If you are someone that loves flowery, sweet smells then this scent is perfect for you. I would also recommend  Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Harajuku G by Gwen Stefani or Silk by Zara.

Crystal Glass nail File – See full post on why i love it here.

Bonne Mere body wash honey- Smells devine and is very gentle on my skin.



Perlier moisturising cream. I bought this in a local beauty supply shop here in Italy but you can buy it here. It is really moisturising and what i love the most about it is after application you dont have that sticky feeling that some creams have. It smells really fresh and subtle.

I Provenzali Balsamo al Karite( Shea butter conditioner ) This is an all natural product that is  perfect for my natural hair. Helps with detangling, co-washing. Love the slip and the moisture that it gives my hair. It leaves my hair soft, shiny and manageable.I bought it from a local herbal shop but you can also get it here.

Boots Reviving Foot Spray.- This really helps to cool and refresh my feet  and i love that it contains witchhazel,mint and cyress. It smells great and  has a calming effect that relaxes and makes my feet feel really good.

Vaseline.What can i say about vaseline.There are so many uses for it. I am finding it really useful now in the colder months , its a great skin protector.  I use it if my skin is feeling especially dry or irritated.I use it to moisturise my cuticles,my lips.

Scented Candles from Ikea. I love trips to ikea and i never  leave without buying candles.These  tindra candles are such a treat. I love that i can re use the jars for tealights  or to hold my makeup brushes.

My house slippers managed to get on my fave’s list.They are warm, soft,  comfortable and perfect for cold winter evenings.

Every morning I use a lip scrub to prep my lips for the day ahead and follow with vaseline before applying my lipgloss. I love the victoria secret beauty rush juicy berry lip gloss . It tastes, looks, and feels amazing on my lips and has a great smell to it. Sleek glossed lip gloss is amazing because i can even wear it  without any other make up and still  have a glamorous look .Both these glosses come in small packaging therefore quite handy to bring along in your bag. I will definately repurchase both these products in the future.


When i got to Italy earlier this year , i was really concerned about finding the right makeup for my wedding day. After lots of trips to the mall i finally found my perfect match at sephora. And this is what i have continued to use.

Makeup forever high definition primer  , i have this in No4 Caramel, Mat velvet + foundation  , i have this in cafe absolutely love the flawless finish that it gives.I bought both of these products from Sephora.As much as i love my makeup forever foundation i also use my Mac matchmaster once in a while. Mac matchmaster foundation in No 8.5 , Kiko full coverage concealer ,i have this in No 7 Cacao.

Make up forever Aqua smoky lash mascara . No smearing,no flaking, gives you lots of definition without clumping. What more can you need from a mascara…

Lancome Hypnose doll lash mascara .The brush is easy to use. The numerous  bristles allow for great application. I also wore this for my wedding day , it lasted me the whole day and i loved how full and long my lashes looked.

What items/Products have you enjoyed using in November?