Letter to my younger self


I thought it  would be fun to write a letter to my younger self. Not as a way to change anything that’s happened in my life, but as a way to let this younger me know that alot of good things  are  happening “behind the scenes”. It’s a really empowering exercise that I highly recommend. Here it is:

Dear Younger Self,

Hi it’s me, i mean you .. this is yourself from the future. I know it seems crazy but am here to encourage you and equip you for the road ahead.

Today is not a very good day,you havent got the grades that you were expecting but dont worry you will go to your first choice school. The next two years are going to be you trying to discover yourself, remember that it’s ok to make mistakes. What is important is that you learn from thoses mistakes and do better.

Everything you are praying for and that seems impossible right now will come to pass, you dont see how but there are lots of good things happening “behind the scenes.”

You worry too much about the future and are forgetting to enjoy and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes you are studying really hard and all those sleepless nights will pay off ,you will excel and get government scholarship  to university .

The first semester at university is almost here and you are so excited. You cant wait to decorate your hostel room and venture out on your own.  Your three years at university are not going to be easy but believe in yourself . You can do anything that you set your mind to. Your dreams are your possibilities so dream big and aim high. Surround yourself with positive people that lift you up and encourage you and not those that make you feel less of yourself.

As far as friends go dont stop going for fellowship ,its not very popular but you will meet some great friends there.Good Friendships are precious and  and hard to come by,they therefore  need to be nurtured by caring, sharing,listening .  Yes some of the friends you are making now will go on to be your friends for years to come.

You obviously have no idea but you will not attend your university graduation because you will get a job and move to the middle east.

The best lessons you will learn in your life are  not in high school  or university lectures. They will be in the daily lessons of life. Its important to forgive and let go. Yes its easier said than done but let it go and move on.

You dont deal so well with disappointment  Lina,  but  things will not always go according to your list, i know you have that list where you write all your plans and things you want to do. There will be lots of disappointments  along the way but you know what enjoy the process as these are springboards to bigger, better things.Trust me.

Believe mum and dad when they tell you that they love you and are so proud of you.

Be happy with yourslef and dont look to the people around  you to make you happy. Happiness is a choice. you can choose to have joy and peace in your heart and not let the situations around you determine or dictate your state of mind .

Life is a circle ,whatever you give you receive back, you reap what you sow. If you show kindness, peace,love you will receive the same. And if you nurture and continually sow good will will definately receive good in your life

One day when you get married remember to always love ,respect and cherish your husband.

Stop trying too hard to impress those boys, they will come and go and you know what dad is right when he says they dont just want to be your friends.  Instead focus on your family and friends and like i said that special boy will be there .

Thank mum and dad for all they do for you and tell them that you love them every single day. Spend more time with Will and Rokk because in a few years the three of you will live in three different continents thats what your always talking about –  how you want to travel and see the world , well guess what it will happen  and you will miss them so much but they will thrive and God will keep them.

Be humble  and count your blessings. Be grateful for loving freinds and family, opportunity to go to school and get a job immediately after university. Stop being so anxious,  Its exhausting to do what only God can do so let go and let  him direct your path.

Finally enjoy these years and treasure them as they are going to pass by so fast ,always remember everything is working out for your good. . You are beautifully and wonderfully made and you have a purpose , Pray always and never cease to be kind and see the good in others.


Older Self.


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