Looking Forward To….

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Over the weekend we attended a friend’s birthday party with my husband , it was a good chance for us to catch up with some friends that we hadn’t seen in a while. We also visited  family  and enjoyed an  Italian meal of homemade Picci (Homemade rolled Italian pasta) with ragu. Its eight days to Christmas ….I am almost done with my christmas exchange gifts and  super excited about our upcoming  trip to Spain. Looking forward to sharing photos when we get back.  Here are a some interesting things i came across around the net, thought i would share with you.

Very adorable Christmas greetings from this family.

This heartwarming gesture from Airline to Passengers.

Cute boy struggling to get hug. Here 

Movie treat: Hunger Games Catching Fire.

For the foodies : Baked Sweet Potato Sticks

Did you know that Frozen smoke is  the best insulator in existence.

Food for thought.

How did you spend your weekend ? What are you looking forward to..?

Big hug from me.




Its was the second day of our trip and we decided to check with the concierge about places that we could visit. We wanted to go to a place that was close enough for us to drive to and fro and also have time to explore. The lady was really helpful and out of all the suggestions we chose to visit Il Borro.

Our GPS indicated that it was a 40 minutes drive so given that we set off by midday we felt we had sufficient time to tour the estates.

The Il Borro estates are a Tuscan luxury  project  under the ownership of the late Salvatore Ferragamo family.This medievial town turned into a resort complete with winery, spa,pool,horses riding area   is nestled in the mountains overlooking a beautiful valley. The project complete with vineyard and wine producing  also organises tours and wine tasting.

The estate covers a large area and we were only able to tour the medievial village.They have villas and farmhouses that you can rent. This is the kind of place where you can easily see deer as you drive up to your villa.

For a taste of luxury meets country head to Il Borro : magical by day and by night.


DSC_3020DSC_3037IMG-20131106-WA0037 IMG-20131106-WA0040

One Afternoon in Arezzo, Italy

One more day before the end of our trip.Time flies so fast when you are having fun. Our 4 days get away were soon coming to an end  . As we enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast  at the beautiful Villa La Borghetta where we were staying,  we decided to drive up to Arezzo in the afternoon. Having visited Florence  a couple of times in the past we wanted to venture out a bit more this time.

The drive to Arezzo was relaxing and in a way theraupetic as we listened to our favourite songs on the radio   just me ,my husband and the Tuscan hills. I stared out my window at the beautiful picturesque Tuscan countryside rolling by …



Arezzo is indeed a vibrant and beautiful city. The city is set on a hill and we walked up slowly and steadily eagerly anticipating what awaited us at the top.  There were not so many tourists like you would see in Florence so it felt really serene and peaceful as we walked around taking in all the sights and sounds.


We enjoyed touring the beautiful churches and walking through the city’s largest park Parco Il Prato with the statue of Petrarca. We crossed the park and reached the most beautiful panorama with a view that pictures dont do justice. It was  a  simply breathtaking   Tuscan view of olive trees and vine yards.

We had lunch at one of the restaurants on the passage way of Loggia on Piazza Grande. The restaurant was really cute with tables lined on either side of the walk. After refuelling we walked through the Piazza grande and decide to take the small back streets aligned with old stone  buildings on either side. There is alot to see in Arezzo, museums ,monuments,church buildings and its definately worth visiting while in Tuscany.

IMG-20131106-WA0015   IMG-20131106-WA0020 IMG-20131106-WA0021 IMG-20131106-WA0025  IMG-20131106-WA0028 IMG-20131106-WA0029Its


The monthly antiques market is an added incentive to visit this town. If you are an antique collector or lover make it a point to join the 10,000 plus other visitors including exhibitors that flock this town every first sunday of each month and the saturday before.

As we walked down the slope  heading out i couldnt help but continue reflecting on how each street, building,church tells a unique story about the culture and history  of this small half forgotten town. Next time you take a trip to Tuscany do include an afternoon in Arezzo.

DSC_3088 DSC_3086

Loro Ciuffena- Italy

On our way from Arezzo, we decided to stop by a small beautiful town called Loro Ciuffena. This small hidden gem is rated one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.“Uno dei borghi più belli d’Italia”- Rightly so. IMG-20131106-WA0011

The name itself  tells about this towns  Etruscan origins. In the middle-age Loro was a fortified village at the junction of two rivers bridged at two points, which led to two gates in the village walls. There was once a castle in Loro, which is mentioned in documents as far back as 1065. The old town still retains a lot of its original character. The town is quite small and you can pretty much visit all the tourist spots in a day.

IMG-20131106-WA0012 IMG-20131106-WA0009


Water powered mill from the 1200  that has was until most recently been  producing chestnut flour and other flours.


Planning your trip make sure to visit  museum in Palazzo Ventura, dedicated to the local artist Venturino Venturi

This ancient town is also famous for wrought iron works.

Places to eat : There is a pizzeria right opposite the old mill where we sat and watched the locals go about their business as the sun set. However if you would like to enjoy the typical tuscan cooking you can head over to Osteria New Conte Max at Piazza Nannini 3.

As we left that evening we were truly glad we had  stopped by this town..really glad.