Homemade Gift: DIY Lavender Sachets


Still in the spirit of DIY and christmas gift ideas, i made these really easy lavender bags.

Things you will need:

  • Material of your choice. I chose this pretty polka dot material that i cut from a blouse i never wear.
  • Some lace to decorate your bags.
  • Some dry lavender.
  • Thread and needle.
  • Scissors.
  • Using a sewing machine for these was great however you can also hand sew them.

There are so many tutorials online with step by step instructions. I found this helpful.

To begin cut out your material to the shape that you want your bags to be. I made small squares and a long rectangle. I honestly didnt measure these out , kind of just estimated and cut out.

Fold the fabric in half inside out and secure with pins

Sew a seam around only 3 sides leaving one side open .  Turn right side out.

Fold open seams inward and machine or hand sew shut. Position lace where you want it to be and hand sew.




Would you try these at home? If you do make these or any other DIY projects share pictures with us on instagram #momintsdiy. Would love to see what you come up with.

Happy Crafting.


Let’s Get Pom Pom Pretty


I love pom poms . There is something about those little fuzzy balls of  colour   that  makes me happy.They are super easy to make  and add alot of fun ,whimsy, and childlike charm  to any craft project or home decoration.Here are some of my favourite pom pom finds:

DIY pom pom bookmark

Via Pinterest

SOURCE: Lovely Mobile Hangings from Marsha Golemac ,Pastel bobby pin set via Nest Pretty Things, Sweater via shinythoughts, Balloons via Design Improvised, Pottery Barn Pillows, Bookmarks via Design  mom

Pom pom necklaces

Pom Pom Pendant Necklaces Via Vamoose.com


Necklaces Via Small Good Things


If you are looking to add alittle whimsy to your wadrobe ,why not add a pair of pom pom heels/wedges. You can also create faux pom pom shoe clips and add to a pair of shoes that you already own.

Pom Poms are an  excellent decorative item, tissue paper poms poms can be creatively used to add so much fun and an extra dose of pizzazz to your  party and home spaces.


 Follow this  link for full tutorial on using a folk to make your own pom poms, here  using a clover pom pom maker  and  this one using cardboard.

Which of these is your favourite use of Pom Poms and would you wear Pom Pom shoes ?